Big Milestones

Our features DisAssociationVille and XXXX ‪#‎PORNMOVIEMASSACRE‬ were each accepted into their 25th film festival! Excited for both, especially the selection by Bare Bones International Film & Music Festivals, my home away from home. 

Getting a feature into a festival isn’t easy. The running times alone make it hard to program. We try to make sure our features get programmed ten times to make sure they’re seen, to make sure the cast gets their exposure, ect ect.

For these movies to have been selected so often, and by such a diverse field of festivals isn’t just exciting, its humbling. It’s so easy in this endeavor to feel like a man on an island, pushing this thing uphill. That isn’t the case at all. When you don’t know the words to express how you feel, the easiest thing to do is to say thank you. Thank you to the casts, crews, supports and festival programers who choses these two films over hundred and sometimes thousands, of others. Its the kick in the pants that keeps us going.

D ville FB 25xxxx award


#DVille Gets First Wins!

Great time at the first EyeCatcher Film Festival!
We were also a big hit and took away 5 awards!!!  We took home BEST DRAMA FEATURE, BEST ACTOR (Derek Babb), BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR (Marc Wasserman), BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS (Marcie Price). Director James Christopher EYE CATCHER CREATOR OF THE YEAR AWARD.  People responded to the film. Very cool.
So, what’s next.  Next up, we are in Corpus for the Texas Premiere as part of the South Texas Underground Film Festival. We play on Saturday December 5 at 3pm.

Quad X: On A Roll

Mid April was an excellent time for the folks behind Quad X: Rise Of The Beaver Slayer!!! The film played 3 festivals! Thank you to the folks behind Bare Bones Film Festival, Twister Alley Film Festival and the Studio 35 Film Festival for choosing our film.

At BareBones, we walked away with 3 awards (Best Romance/Comedy, Best Supporting Actor for Colby Ford and Audience Choice) while at Twister Alley we took home Best Midnight Feature. And most importantly, we met some cool folks and took home some great awards!