Pitchers, Catchers and Cinema Report

Few seasons are more movie friendly than the beginning of baseball season. So many movies (like Pride of the Yankees), dating back to the beginnings of cinema, captured the spirit of America’s past time and all that entails.

So, as the season begins and every teams has a chance to win the pennant, here are my go to baseball picks, in order.

  1. Major League. Its a silly and oh so memorable comedy with one of the best scenes in movie history. Wild thing, you make my heart sing. 
  2. For Love The Game. This one has climbed my list. Fact it, most would say its the worst of the Costner baseball pics, but as I’ve gotten older, the story. 
  3. Field of Dreams. This movie is all about fathers and sons and the spirit of baseball. I cry just about every time I watch it.  
  4. Bull Durham. Many people have this first. Classic Costner. 
  5. 8 Men Out. DB Sweeney’s tragic portrayal of “Shoeless” Joe is heartbreaking, but the movie shows just how much staying power the game has. 
  6. The Rookie Most assuredly a movie full of shmaltz, but a movie that connects with me as a guy in my 40s trying to chase a dream. 
  7. A League of Their Own: There is not crying in baseball lists! 
  8. Mr. Baseball. No, it’s not GREAT, but it’s Tom and its funny.  
  9. Fever Pitch. Hey, I’m a rom com guy!   
  10. The Natural A movie that is more iconic than it is”good” in my opinion. So many moments. 

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