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Three years ago, sitting in the awards ceremony at the Bare Bones Film Festival, we got a message from Del Weston through im. “See in you in July.”  That was it.  And we were stoked.

We’ve played it every year since, presenting 5 of our feature films to one of the best festivals we’ve ever been to. The people. The movies. It’s all an amazing part of where we’ve been going for 7 years as a company.

282454_10150256080192011_2009746_n    In 2011, we were there for the last year in Pasedena. An epic car ride there with Shelly, Nathan and 254796_10150256080952011_6675816_nTerissa that included (I’m not kidding) an exploding 18 wheeler, saw us arriving ready for the entire week of fun. We showed Look At Me Again and Snatch ‘N’ Grab.  More importantly, we cemented friendships and collaborations with Janet Mayson, Marc Wasserman, Mike Donis and Gary Warren that we still rely on to this day. Snatch ‘N’ Grab took home the award for Best Produced Screenplay.


582823_10151028813232011_282173197_n2012 saw us back with two more feature films. Turkey Day and Abram’s Hand in the beautiful 183362_10151052730977011_2094742003_nKrikorian Theater. I’ve always loved how the AOF audience reacts to our films. It’s…honest. Without agenda. This was also the year that we were blown away by the generosity of others. Carlo Rodriguez, our longest non family supporter, Marc and Janet ordered a limo for the 17 Twitchy folks who showed up. With my daughter as a bar back, we rolled to the awards in style.

154635_10151606786106483_1163062721_nIn 2013, we rolled into town for the World Premiere of Goin’ Guerrilla.  The screening was raucous and we were thrilled to bring the movie 1150950_10151606791691483_1273455702_nback to where it began. Our road trip to our first AOF began as I wrapped the film and we shot pickups during the 2011 festival.




Now we’re back for 2014. We’re bringing 3 References and Co-ED Campfire Carnage. 3 References has had an amazing festival run, starting off at the prestigious Austin Film Festival (Academy Award Eligible festival) where it garnered 4.5 out of 5 starts. And we’re excited to have its California Premiere. Co-Ed is a Twitchy wide experiment, an anthology film that unites the visions of several filmmakers into one feature.

What does this year hold for us?  We’ve earned six total nominations. But we’re really excited to reunite with old friends and colleagues and meet some new ones. So Del and Theresa. You two have worked hard to make this happen for us. All we can say is…thank you.

Twitchy D 


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