2013 Company Update


From the founders:

2013 Company Update

As the many highlights and links on this webpage attest, Twitchy Dolphin Flix continues exploding in every area of independent filmmaking from productions, to festival appearances, to press coverage; and we have great confidence that 2013 will see us building upon the successes of the past.

We are proud to share that Twitchy Dolphin Flix has grown bigger and faster than even we imagined when we formed the company back in 2007. That is an amazing reality that fuels us every day and that we owe entirely to our equally amazing fan-base and production crew.

What hasn’t kept pace, however is our website, and some of those growing pains have been recently visible. What started as a draft design about 6 years ago has, almost accidentally, ended up serving us pretty well for a long time. But we’ve reached a point where it makes more sense to devote our limited resources to transitioning TwitchyDolphin.com to the kind of quality experience you’ve come to expect from us, rather than continuing to service the existing version of the site.

As we continue to push forward, creating a hub that will get you all of the information you need, we invite you to check out the following sites in the mean time:

YouTube for all of our latest trailers and music videos.

Twitter for what’s happening NOW.

Facebook for what’s happening now…and a little more.


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