A Reflection On Our Fans

So, 2014.  It’s already 1/4 over.  Where did it go?

225843_10150168013067011_1692762_nWell, we spent a lot of it in New York. Oklahoma.  California (x2). A festival in Austin.  And next month we’re in South Carolina, Oklahoma and Cali again. In these festivals, we will have played four different feature films.  We’ve released two music videos and been prepping a new movie that we’re raising money for.

Our journey has been a great ride.  We know we’ve touched people.  We’ve had people tell us that a we made their FAVORITE movie.  We’ve made top ten lists.  We’ve had films requested.  And we’ve had people do their best to be a part of the process.

What does it all mean?  It means we’re rocking and rolling!

And honestly we couldn’t do it without you all.  We look at the money raised to make these movies (over 37,000) 389659_10150702595047011_1257765451_nand the support we’ve been given and we can’t help but look at it as a mandate.  A mandate to do better.  A mandate to keep rolling.  And we feel the responsibility that comes with it.  We will never let you down.  We will continue to earn your business.


So we say thank you.

DisAssociationVille Casting Notice


Twitchy Dolphin is casting their new independent feature film DisAssociationVille.  

Seeking several characters:

TOM:  former athlete, now living in the glory days, despite his rounder mid section.

CHRIS:  17/18 high school student living in an emotionally abusive home.

PAUL:   17/18  Chris best friend.

SUE:    17/18  Chris female best friend

Other roles will be filled from these auditions.

Roles are deferred pay only.

Please send HS and resume to


Twitchy Dolphin in January


We’ll be busy to start 2014, folks!  BUSY as little Dolphins.

For Goin’ Guerrillawe’ll be rockin’ and rolling with 2 festival screenings and a public engagement through TUGG. We’re honored to be bringing the movie to the 2014 Trail Dance Film Festival and the 2014 Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema.

We’re also working to bring the movie to Houston’s Alamo Drafthouse through TUGG on January 14.  If you want to come out and see a cool indie film and your in the Houston area, come out.

Also in January, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be making the World Premiere of our new horror comedy Co-Ed Campfire Carnage.  The movie is a lot of fun and we’re excited to be back at the Macabre Faire Film Festival.  As always, than you all for your support!